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Roof Repair With Brotherhood Roofing

Every roof has a lifespan – and as a roof ages, repairs sometimes become necessary. Even minor damage, if left unchecked, can cause huge problems down the road. If your roof is damaged, or if you suspect it’s damaged, you should have a professional inspect it immediately. 

Making roof repairs (in Dallas, Frisco or elsewhere) can save you thousands of dollars, and often, a few minor fixes can help you put off a complete roof replacement for several years.

Roof Repair in Dallas: How Do You Know if Your Roof is Damaged?

On average, an asphalt roof lasts between 20 and 30 years. But during that time, it’s possible for damage to occur. Fortunately, repairing minor damage can prevent major issues from developing. So how can you tell if your roof is damaged without climbing up there yourself?

You can do a visual inspection from the ground and from inside your attic to check for issues, and you can call Brotherhood Roofing for a free roof inspection. We’ll be happy to send an expert roof inspector to your home at a time that’s convenient for you. If you’re checking your roof yourself, look for:

Free Roof Inspection

Free Roof Inspection by one of our Dallas Roofing Experts today!

Here’s a closer look at each.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Stand far enough from your home to see as much of the roof as possible. Scan for missing shingles or any signs of damage.

 If you see shingles that appear cracked, that are curling up from the edges, or seem to have lifted away from the other shingles on the roof, you’ll need to have them repaired as soon as possible. 

Shingles are your roof’s first line of defense against the elements, and they protect your home from water, pests and other things that shouldn’t be inside.

Visible Wear on the Roof

Over time, roofs begin to look their age. When you start to see visible wear, the colors become faded or it looks like shingles are missing granules, you may want to have your roof inspected for damage that you don’t know about yet. If you can safely do so, you should check areas where objects penetrate your roof, such as chimneys and roof vents, to make sure that the sealants around them aren’t deteriorating from age. These seals are incredibly important; they block out water around your roof’s structural elements.

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Sagging Rafters

Water damage can cause rafters to appear saggy, so if you notice that your roof looks that way, you need to call a professional as soon as possible. Check the appearance of the roof from the outside and look at the rafters from inside. If you notice water on the inside of your attic, whether the wood on your rafters appears wet, the roof is visibly dripping or you see pools of water on the floor, you’ll need to contact a professional right away.

Leaks Inside Your Home

Leaks inside your home can cause extensive damage, and you need to address them right away. A leak never gets better over time – only worse. If you see stains on your ceiling or walls, you may have a roof leak that needs immediate repair. You might also notice blistered or peeling paint, or you may see water dripping down from the ceiling or on the walls.

Roof Repairs Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

If you address damage quickly enough, you may be able to hold a complete roof replacement at bay. Sometimes all you need is for a professional to replace a few shingles or roof tiles to block out water and protect your home. Roof repairs are generally cheaper than roof replacement; if your repairs would be too extensive and cost more than a replacement, your roof inspector will tell you.

Free Roof Inspection

Free Roof Inspection by one of our Dallas Roofing Experts today!

How Much Does Roof Repair Cost in Dallas?

Roof repair is a very specialized area, and every project is different. A large roof may need more extensive repairs than a small one would (or vice-versa), which means that you’ll have to consult a professional to get a quote. Some roof repairs cost less than a few hundred dollars, especially if they’re minor and don’t require special supplies. The average American spends between $300 and $1,100 on roof repair jobs, which is a small amount when compared to a roof replacement or repairing structural damage to a home.

Several factors go into roof repair costs, including:

Request A Free Roof Inspection

The bottom line is that roof repairs don’t cost as much as roof replacement does. That means it’s smarter to make repairs as soon as you know you need them – before a small problem becomes a big problem – and put your roof replacement off until it becomes absolutely necessary to protect your home.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Repairs?

Some insurance companies provide roof repair coverage. You should see something in your insurance policy that relates to damage done by storms, fire and other unavoidable problems. However, every insurer has its own rules regarding roof repair coverage, so if you’re not sure, you should contact your provider. Brotherhood Roofing can provide you with assistance in roof claims; we are storm damage claim experts who can negotiate on your behalf, and we have extensive experience with all major insurance companies.

What To Do If Your Roof is Showing Signs of Damage?

If you believe your roof is damaged, we’ll be happy to inspect it for you. In fact, we’ll be happy to inspect it – at no charge – if it’s just been a while since the last time you had a professional check it out. 

Call us today to schedule your free roof inspection. We can send an expert to your home at a time that’s convenient for you.

Free Roof Inspection

Free Roof Inspection by one of our Dallas Roofing Experts today!

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