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If you’re like most people, you don’t think a lot about your roofing materials until there’s a problem that’s impossible to ignore.

In fact, the vast majority of homeowners don’t even cash in on a free annual roof inspection in Celina – but they should.

Your roof protects your home from a wide range of environmental dangers (most notably water), so it pays to catch and diagnose roof problems early, before the spiral out of control.

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When Should You Inspect Your Roofing in Celina, TX?

At minimum, you should have your roof inspected each year. Brotherhood Roofing offers a free annual roof inspection, so if it’s been a while since the last time a professional checked out your roof, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

You should also have your roof inspected after any major storm, even if you don’t notice any damage from ground-level. High winds can lift shingles and allow water to get into your roofing materials, hail can damage shingles and tiles, and heavy rains can force water to seep beneath your roof’s outermost layer of protection.

If you spot any signs of damage to your roof, you should call a professional Celina roofing company who can diagnose issues and provide you with solutions for a replacement.

A Word on How Long Roofs Last

Roof damage isn’t always immediately obvious, but you should make it a point to look for damage every few months or after a major storm. Some signs that your roof may be damaged include:

  • Exposed nail heads and damaged flashing on your roof
  • Mold or peeling paint near your gutters
  • Bald spots on your shingles
  • Damaged shingles
  • Moisture in your attic
  • Shingle granules in your gutters or yard
  • Visible water leaks

Here’s a closer look at each.

Spotting Roof Damage - Brotherhood Roofing

Exposed Nail Heads and Damaged Flashing

Your roof shouldn’t have any exposed nail heads; they should all be covered. If you see them, there’s a chance that your shingles have lifted or become damaged, which means they could be allowing water to penetrate your roofing materials.

Additionally, the flashing on your roof – that’s the sealing material around things that protrude from your roof, such as your chimney, skylights and roof vents – should be in good condition. The flashing’s job is to prevent water from getting in, but if it’s damaged, it may allow a significant amount of water to work its way into your roofing materials.

Mold or Peeling Paint Near Gutters

Mold or peeling paint on your home near your gutters can be a sign that your roof is being subjected to water damage. For example, when debris builds up in your gutters, it can hold moisture up against your home. That moisture causes the paint to blister and peel, or it can cause mold growth to thrive. 

Either way, that may mean that water is seeping into your fascia (the boards that face outward beneath your roof line). When water gets in through your fascia, it can damage the inner components of your roof, such as the underlayment. Any type of damage to those roofing materials can lead to leaks, more mold growth, or even complete roof failure, depending on how severe it is.

You should also check your gutters for damage. If debris and water freezes in your gutters, the water will expand; that can crack or break your gutters and make them useless when it comes to carrying water from your roof away from your home. If you notice any gutter damage, call us for a gutter replacement; it could save you from making more expensive repairs down the road.

Bald Spots on Shingles

Your shingles are coated with protective granules. The granules help your roof shed water so that it doesn’t have a chance to work its way into your roofing materials. However, over time (or with damage from wind or hail), those granules can start to wear off. You may notice small shingle granules in your gutters, near your downspouts, or in your yard around the perimeter of your home – and if you do, you should call a roofing expert as soon as possible, because those shingles may need to be replaced.

Sometimes it’s possible to replace just a handful of shingles before any serious damage is done. However, if all your shingles are missing granules, or if water has made its way into your roofing materials, you may need a roof replacement.

Moisture in Your Attic

Your attic should be dry; that’s what the ventilation system is for. If you notice moisture in your attic, it’s a sign that there’s a serious problem. Look for stained or discolored wood, mold or mildew growth, and visible leaks; if you notice any of these things, call a roofing professional in Celina right away.

Shingle Granules in Your Gutters or Yard

When shingles wear down, or when they’re damaged by impact (such as hail or tree branches that hit them during a storm), the granules can come off. Those granules are there to help your roof shed water, which means when they’re missing, your roof can’t protect your home the way it should. Even if you don’t see bald spots on your shingles, finding them in your gutters or your yard (either near your downspouts or around the perimeter of your home) is an emergency – you should contact a roofing professional as soon as you can to evaluate the extent of the problem. In some cases, just a few shingles need to be replaced; in more extreme cases, the entire roof needs work.

Shingle Granules in Your Gutters or Yard

Sometimes you can’t see bald spots on your shingles (especially if the granules and the shingles are the same color), but if you notice shingle granules anywhere but where they belong – on your shingles – it’s a sign that your shingles are degrading. That can happen with age, or it can happen when your shingles are impacted by hail or other debris (such as branches from a nearby tree).

Visible Water Leaks

Any time you notice a visible water leak in your home is an emergency. Water should never be able to make it into your home. You should call a roofing professional immediately to rule out a roof leak; if it is a roof leak, you need to replace it immediately. Water incursion problems never get better with time, but they can become worse very quickly. The sooner you address a leak, the less likely you are to have to replace your entire roof.

Do You Need to Talk to a Professional About Roofing in Celina?

If you have questions about your roof, need an inspection, or are considering replacing your roof because it’s not performing the way it should, we’re here to help. Call us today to schedule your free roof inspection.

Free Roof Inspection

Done by one of our Celina Roofing Experts today!

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