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Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements – it protects your home’s structure, helps regulate temperature, keeps your utility bills low, and ensures that everything in your home stays dry and safe. Unfortunately, all roofing materials wear out over time; they’re also prone to hail and storm damage. Sometimes you can make minor fixes and prolong your roof’s life, but in some cases, the damage is too severe and you need a complete roof replacement.

When Do You Need a Dallas Roofing Company?

First things first: You should have your roof inspected by a professional at least once a year. If your home has weathered a major storm or you suspect hail damage, you should have it inspected then, too. Even outside annual roof inspections, many people don’t realize that their roofs are damaged until problems become obvious. You should take a quick walk around the outside of your home and look for these signs of roof damage right now:

Then, head into your attic and check the temperature. It’ll be hot or cold – usually there’s not much of an in-between – but if the temperatures are extreme, you may have a problem. While you’re there, look for signs of moisture, dampness, drips or mold growth, which can all signal a problem with your roof.


Here’s a closer look at common roof issues you should be able to spot from the ground outside your home.

Broken, Missing or Cracked Shingles or Roof Tiles

Your shingles or roof tiles protect several layers of roofing materials, so if they’re broken, missing or cracked, those layers can be exposed to the elements. (Those materials are supposed to stay dry. If they become damp or waterlogged, you’re on the path to a roof leak, which can be an expensive fix.) You should be able to spot these problems from the ground outside your house; try to avoid climbing on your roof unless you’re familiar with its pitch, you’re sure it’s safe, and the conditions are dry enough that you’re unlikely to slip and fall.

Free Roof Inspection

Free Roof Inspection by one of our Dallas Roofing Experts today!

Bald Spots on Your Shingles or Granules in Your Gutter or Yard

Shingles are covered in tiny granules that help reflect sunlight and shed water. Over time, or after damage, those granules can wear off. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to find granules in their gutters or on the ground beneath the roof line.

If your shingles are losing their granules, that means they’re no longer able to provide the same level of protection they once did, and you may need to have your roof replaced. 

Soil Erosion on the Ground Beneath Your Roof Line

Soil erosion on the ground beneath your roof line is commonly caused by rainwater. Normally, when your roof sheds rainwater, it goes directly into your gutters and out through a downspout. However, if the soil is eroding in any spot (aside from where your downspout is located), that’s a sign that your gutters aren’t working properly. They may be leaking, pulled away from your house or even be clogged, causing water to spill over to the ground. You should have a professional check your gutters for damage, improper installation or other issues if you notice soil erosion around your house.

Mold or Peeling Paint on Your Fascia

Mold or peeling paint on your fascia – the boards that face out beneath your roof’s overhang – can signify that your roof is water-damaged. Often, when water pools in your gutters and sits against the wood, it causes problems ranging from peeling paint and mold to complete wood rot. If this part of your roof is water damaged, it’s imperative that you have an expert evaluate the situation; it could be compromising the entire structure of your roof.

Exposed Nail Heads or Damaged Flashing on Your Roof

Sometimes nail heads pop out and flashing (the sealing material around things that protrude from your roof, like chimneys, skylights and vents) fails. These are both issues that need to be fixed immediately, because they can create an avenue for water to enter your roof.

What Can a Dallas Area Roofing Company Do for You?

Outside from free annual roofing inspections, Brotherhood Roofing can help you with several issues. We’ll check for common and rare problems, and if we discover anything wrong, we’ll let you know exactly what it is.

Brotherhood Roofing is one of the most trusted names in Dallas – you’ve probably seen our crews at work in your neighborhood, in fact. We serve the entire city of Dallas area with:

Free Roof Inspection

Free Roof Inspection by one of our Dallas Area Roofing Experts today!

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Free Roof Inspection

Free Roof Inspection by one of our Dallas Roofing Experts today!

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